Easy, No-Cook Christmas Appetisers

December 12, 2019 | Blog

The holidays are here and the festive season has officially begun, and this means an abundant amount of parties, celebration, and food. While Christmas cuisines are popular, it  isn’t always the easiest fare to prepare. Luckily, we have some straightforward and sumptuous appetisers suited to any time of the day, be it brunch with close friends or starters for a big dinner with relatives!

Healthy Antipasto Skewers

Traditionally served as the first course of a formal Italian meal, the word “antipasto” is derived from Latin roots anti, meaning “before”, and pastus, meaning “meal”. The best part about this dish is its customisable content, as ingredients usually differ depending on region. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, as this pretty platter offers a well-balanced precursor to brighten up your meals!

What You’ll Need:
4 ham slices, folded
4 balls of mozzarella
4 cherry tomatoes
4 olives
4 roasted peppers
4 basil leaves

How To Make It:
Spear one of each ingredient onto a skewer or toothpick, alternating salty items such as meats with sweeter or creamier ones like cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. Arrange them on a platter and serve them for a simple, satisfying starter!


Cranberry Pinwheels With Mission Wrap

Smooth, buttery, and sweet, these pinwheels are delightful to look at and even better to tuck into. Counterbalancing the richness of its cheese with the tart taste of cranberries, these pinwheels offer up a myriad of flavours without being overwhelming, whilst retaining a festive flair in both its colours and ingredients.

What You’ll Need:
1 cup cream cheese
½ cup crumbled feta cheese
½ cup green onions, chopped
1 pack dried cranberries
4 Mission flour tortilla wraps

How To Make It:
First, combine the cream cheese, feta cheese and green onions in a small bowl. Then, stir the dried cranberries into the mix. Evenly divide the mixture between the four Mission tortilla wraps and spread accordingly. Next, roll each tortilla up tightly and wrap them up with a plastic wrap. Refrigerate these for at least one hour before slicing the rolled tortillas up into 1-inch slices. Serve them up and enjoy!


Marinated Mozzarella with Basil

While these can be kept for up to 5 days, there’s no guarantee they’ll stick around in the fridge that long with how tasty they are! As mozzarella is generally mild-tasting, it takes to assertive flavours such as herbs particularly well. The fresh green of basil and ruby redness of the cherry tomatoes serve up vibrant highlights against the mozzarella’s cream background to get everyone into the holiday mood.


What You’ll Need:

¼ cup fresh basil leaves

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

1-2 tsp balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp black pepper, coarsely-ground

2 cups fresh mozzarella cheese

Tomato slices



How To Make It:

Set aside several whole basil leaves for garnish, then chop the remaining quantity of basil leaves up with a knife. After that, combine the chopped basil, oil, vinegar, and pepper in a medium bowl. Cut the mozzarella into approximately 1-inch cubes, then toss these cheese cubes gently with the herb and oil mixture until the cheese is well-coated. Cover them up and chill them for at least 1 hour.

Smoked Salmon Dip

This triple-threat dip is refreshing, tangy, and perfect to pair with crackers, cucumbers, or even cooked meals! With zesty bursts of freshness from the lemon juice and dill, countered by the richness of its cream cheese, this versatile dip kills two birds with one stone through being completely fuss-free to make, as well as being packed with flavour.

What You’ll Need:
1 cup cream cheese
½ cup sour cream, softened
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp capers
2 tbsp red onion, finely chopped
2 tbsp dill, chopped
½ cup smoked salmon, coarsely chopped

How To Make It:
Combine the cream cheese, sour cream, lemon juice, capers, red onion and dill in a food processor and pulse until blended. Stir the smoked salmon into the mix and combine thoroughly. Enjoy it with vegetables, breadsticks, crackers, and everything in between!


Don’t forget to try out these recipes for a whole new take on festive food in preparation for the Christmas season. Grab all your necessities from your nearest Village Grocer outlet and to get started!


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