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July 8, 2019 | Blog

Looking to start eating healthy? Don’t know where to start? 😁 Lettuce be your guide, with our 6 food categories that you should look out for when you are looking out during our health & wellness fair 2019! Let’s begin!

Brain Food

As we all know that omega 3 and antioxidants are good for our heart, here to also tell you that they are also beneficial to our brain. Omega-3 – EPA and DHA are the 2 fatty acids maintaining cell structure and function of brain. Our body does not produce enough omega 3 but we need to get it from fatty fish. There is another type of omega 3 fatty acid namely ALA that is from plant source like walnut and not as beneficial as DHA and EPA to the brain.

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Heart Healthy Food

Based on Statistics on Causes of Death Malaysia 2018, Ischaemic heart disease is the leading cause of death. About 37 deaths per day due to ischaemic heart disease. High blood pressure, obesity and high blood cholesterol particularly low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol are identified as the risk factor of this disease . It is recommended to eat healthily, being physical exercise and managing stress to prevent ischaemic heart disease. Below are the examples of heart healthy food that may help you in this. Heart Healthy Foods may include Fatty Fish, Avocado, Olive Oil, Kale, Dark Chocolate & Whole Grain. 


Low GI Food

Everyone knows that eating too sweet is bad for our body. Have you ever found that your cup of drink is too sweet, you then dilute it by further adding in water? Most of you did that. In fact, it will still be the same rise of your blood sugar even after adding water to your drink because the amount of sugar goes into your body are still the same. People might also be asking why brown rice is better than white rice while wholegrain bread is better than white bread? It is all about their Glycemic Index. Glycemic Index (GI) is relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. 

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Fiber Rich Food

Do your feel that your stomach is always bloated? Having constipation? Having problem in losing weight? This could be the signal in telling you to increase fiber in your diet. Fiber foods are broken down to Soluble Fiber and Insoluble Fiber, with both being fairly important to us.

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You probably heard about this term – ‘Superfood’ around but it is actually no scientific definition for this term. In general, superfood is nutritious which provide positive health impact to us. Selected superfood being introduced here are those which can be easily to be incorporated in your diet and you should not miss them.

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Organic Food

In recent year, more organic food is on the shelf and organic shops are set up as a result of consumer being more health conscious nowadays. Organic food is perceived as the healthier and safer option but not everyone fully understand what “organic” is about. “Organic” label are regulated by USDA in US while organic food produced in Malaysia is required to comply with The Standard of Organic Agriculture by Skim Organik Malaysia (SOM)

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