Keeping Kids Occupied During MCO

March 30, 2020

Having small balls of energy at home can be taxing. Don’t resort to just giving them a tablet and letting them sit all day long. Limiting screen time helps encourage creativity and physical activity in children. Here are some fun ideas to keep your kids occupied while getting them to be physically active and creative at the same time too.


Dance Parties
Turn on your favourite music or your child’s favourite cartoon movie songs and dance it out! You’ll get in your week’s worth of exercise for sure!


Hide and Seek
Everyone loves this old favourite. It encourages your children to run around the house and finding them ends with lots of tickles and giggles!


Story Time
Get your kids to dress up with their blankets, or make some simple costumes out of paper and have a family story time that’s full of theatrics. Your kids will definitely make some memories with you on this.



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