Make The Switch To Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

May 11, 2020

You might have seen cotton mesh produce bags being sold at our outlets and we definitely recommend them to be used to carry your produce instead of single-use plastic bags. Here are some of our reasons why you should make the switch:

Benefit #1: They Last Longer

Reusable mesh bags made from cotton are tougher than they look. They definitely outlast a plastic bag and you can fill the bag with produce, but it at the back of your car and you never have to worry about the mesh breaking. Mesh bags can also handle heavy loads and they also hold up to frequent washing, which is ideal if they get muddy or covered in juice.

Benefit #2: More Beneficial To Produce and Our Health

Using mesh bags helps your produce breathe better on the way home. There is less risk of heat and moisture being trapped and damaging your grocery items before you get back. Plastic bags mean that plastics are constantly rubbing against food that you are going to later consume. Micro-plastics easily end up in our produce as a result of these plastic bags, which we ingest. They are toxic for us or the environment.


Benefit #3: You help save the environment

Every time you buy produce, you probably put it in those plastic bags that you bring over for weighing but this creates a lot of waste. Think about how many plastic bags you get per week, and how that adds up over time. With a mesh bag you can rest assured that the bag is definitely biodegradable and is better for the environment in the long run because you and reuse it unlike plastic bags.


Make the switch now and try out our mesh bags currently sold at all our outlets and let’s help the Earth breathe a bit better!



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