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July 13, 2018 | Recipes

By now, you must’ve heard about these melons that have taken the world by storm. They originate from Japan and are considered a “luxury fruit” due to their extravagant price tags. But have you ever wondered why the Japanese Melon costs so much?

Some people say it’s due to them being super delicious, and they’re right! They melt in your mouth and taste sweeter than most fruits. When they’re in season (and they are), these melons are especially delicious and super sweet. Although it’s sweetness is a big factor, it’s not the main reason. Why it’s so pricey is because from start to finish, this fruit is carefully taken care of and shown a whole lot of love.

The fruits of labour
Even before planting, farmers choose the best seeds to be planted in a greenhouse. As soon as they start to flower, the farmers will remove subpar buds and pollinate those that bloom nicely with a small brush. Once they’ve started growing, the farmers select the best melons from each vine and remove the rest so the best can soak up the nutrients. From then on, the special treatment keeps on coming.

Strings get tied to the stems to prevent them from falling before it’s time for harvest. Cone-shaped black hats are put on them to prevent sunburn and to top it all off, each melon gets a personal “massage” described as “ball wiping” where the farmers rub the fruit so that it gets a more perfect spherical shape and has better netting. Considering all the care that’s been put into these melons and their price point, we wouldn’t want to waste even the tiniest bit. So here’s what you can do to make the most out of your Japanese Melon.

The first bite of heaven
The first way would obviously be to enjoy the Japanese Melon in its original glorious state. It has a rich sweetness to it which tastes almost like honey. When you eat it on the day it ripens, the fruit itself melts in your mouth without much chewing needed at all. Japanese Melons are normally bought as gifts for special occasions. Like most fruit, they’re best eaten when shared so don’t forget to share the experience with your loved ones!

As light as a cloud
Other than eating the flesh of the fruit, the most common way to eat them is by making Melon Pans – sugar coated buns that are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and sweet all around. Japanese Melons are known to help reduce tension in the body so turning them into these yummy buns make for a great snack you can enjoy on the way to work! The kids can have them as a sweet snack before they head off to school too.

Drift around on cloud nine
If you’ve used half of your melon on buns and don’t know what to the with the other half, make a refreshing melon float! Desserts are very popular in Japan but they’re also very health conscious, so this float is a good mixture of both. All you need to do is scoop out the seeds, carefully cut the fruit without touching the skin, add some soda to the emptied out middle, and top it off with the ice cream of your choice! We recommend vanilla.

Want to give this extraordinary fruit a taste and find out what all the hype is about? Well you’re in luck! These Japanese Melons are now available at your nearest Village Grocer. So come on over and give them a try!

Keep it fresh,
Your friendly neighbourhood grocer.

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