Milk it for What It’s Worth

April 05, 2019 | Recipes

Plant-based ingredients have taken the world by storm and for good reason; it’s as good for our health as it is for the environment which makes us healthier and more conscious consumers. We’re going to share a few of our favourite plant-based milk and recipes you can try at home using it. But before we get into the tasty bits, here’s what you need to know about the ingredients.

Plant-based milk is perfect for anyone who’s lactose intolerant, and of course, those who have a vegan/vegetarian diet. It’s a great source of vitamins and minerals, is low in fat, and is cholesterol-free! A few of the popular variants under the Plant-Based Milk Family Tree are oat, almond, rice, coconut, and soy. Let’s get into our favourites!

Rice Milk

The Bridge Bio Organic Natural Calcium

If you enjoy having something sweet and light for breakfast, rice milk is what you need to start your day with. We love using it when we make banana rice pudding for breakfast. Aside from the morning specials, rice milk is also perfect for baking recipes and typically menus that are on the sweeter side of the food spectrum.

Almond Milk

Rude Health Ultimate Almond Milk or Ecomil Almond Milk Original Vanilla

One of the most popular plant-based milk is almond. It’s high in vitamins, magnesium, iron, and protein. Plus it’s naturally creamy which makes it great for desserts and smoothies. However, it also gives savoury dishes like creamed spinach a lovely twist so it’s definitely a must-try on our list.

Soy Milk

Pureharvest Nature’s Soy Milk Enriched

Soy milk has the same protein and fat as cow milk. It’s rather light in texture, but has a hint of sweetness in flavour. It can be had on its own, with cereal, in your favourite smoothie, or when making apple and raspberry muffin.

Oat Milk

Pureharvest Nature’s Oat Milk Unsweetened

Oat milk has a high nutritive value and its sweet flavour makes it great for desserts, smoothies, or to be had straight from the glass. Our favourite way to drink it is when it’s paired with grilled peaches and ice cream – it’s the perfect dish to have after a hot day.

Fancy trying one of these for yourself? Drop by any of our outlets to pick up a carton or two for yourself! You won’t regret it.

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