Staying Safe While Staying Out

June 29, 2020

Great news! We can now hang out besides the four walls of our own houses and actually take the family for a family dinner and enjoy a meal at our favourite eateries. However, let’s not forget that by being in a public space, there are certain precautions and practices you should take to ensure that each family member is protected from any infection.

Before going out:
Make sure every family member wears their face masks before stepping out of the house. It’s important that everyone does this before they step out into the air outside to prevent anyone breathing in unwanted germs before they put their masks.

At the Restaurant:
Makes sure the premises has hand sanitisers available for patrons and that they conduct temperature scans. If you find business owners aren’t adhering to the safety guidelines from the Ministry of Health, it is a huge red flag and do not enter. Make sure the restaurant has taken every precaution possible to make sure that you are safe.

After your meal:
Please make sure every family member sanitises themselves or washes their hands before they make their way to the car. That way you reduce the risk of bringing any germs along for the ride after your dinner.

Reaching Home:
Make sure everyone immediately heads to the shower and the clothes that were worn when being outside of the house are put into the laundry basket and to the washing machine. Washing your clothes immediately will further reduce the risk of any bacteria and help flatten the curve too!



We hope these steps help everyone in your family stay safe and healthy and although it might seem troublesome to follow but it’s all necessary currently to avoid COVID-19 from spreading. Malaysians, we’ve been doing good so far so let’s keep this virus at bay for the health of everyone in this nation!



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