Nothing brings people together like a good artisan croissant! Try out our NEW flavor signature artisan croissant now with a special promo price of 2 for RM10. We have 4 new flavors you should try! 

 Caution: one bite and you’ll keep wanting more


A taste for all. If your a person that loves all things original flavor, you will definitely love this. One bite will make you hook on it.

The best thing about original is that you can pair it with anything. We recommend pairing it with strawberry jam or even making it into a sandwich!


It’s not just a croissant, it’s 100% filled with pure goodness. Come and treat yourself to something sweet and chocolaty with Village Grocer Signature chocolate croissant.

It is made from high quality chocolate and a good batch of croissant mix. To top it all off, the croissant is drizzle with premium quality chocolate. 



One bite will make you nuts! Start your day with a beautifuly made Hazelnut croissant. Croissant couldn’t get any better than this.

Fresh baked croissant with a beautiful hazelnut top crust to pair aside with your evening cup of tea or coffee of your choice.


Turn your frown upside with our signature almond croissant!  Grab and go, yourself a piece or 2 of our signature almond flake croissant to boost your energy for the day.

Almonds are a good source of energy of the day, so come and get 2 almond croissant for only RM10!