What Your Favourite Mooncake Flavour Says About You

September 07, 2018 | Recipes

The Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us! Which means it’s time for family reunions and a generous serving of delicious mooncakes. Like most things in Chinese culture, the significance of mooncakes during this celebration is one that’s symbolic; its roundness represents togetherness and its shape also complements the harvest moon which is believed to bring prosperity for families.

In recent years, mooncake flavours have evolved. Some for the better while some are slightly questionable (i.e.: durian cheese and salted bean), and if you are what you eat, then the flavour you choose has something to say about you.

Lotus Egg Yolk

You’re someone who strives for balance in all aspects of your life — from work and personal time, to healthy relationships and diets. You appreciate moderation. Mooncakes are generally sweet and while some sweet tooths would be thrilled to devour it, you prefer another layer of flavour. The sweetness of this particular mooncake is balanced with the salted egg savouriness, so it’s not ‘too much’ or ‘too little’, it’s just right.

Puff Pastry Yam Egg Yolk

You’re full of surprises. You would rather crumble than have to look like everyone else so you take extra care of your appearance. Like you, this mooncake is one that’s not common which makes it a special find. The filling is somewhat of an acquired taste — purple yam and egg yolk — but delicious all the same.


Snow Skin Mooncake 

You’re a classic and loved by many. You know there are other flavours on the shelves but being adventurous with your food selection is not your way of life. And your complexion is radiant and as soft as snow — just like the outer layer of this mooncake. The red bean filling is one that’s exceptionally sweet and is the most traditional option. Its texture is soft and best served chilled.

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